Dear Mrs. Bernall,

  With humility and respect I would like to share with you the following:
I’ve read your book! I want to thank you because it has helped me gain insight on the impact and magnitude of all the pain and suffering that is involved when a family is a victim of senseless crime.  I stand on the other side of the story because I am ashame [sic] to say that I took the life of a young man when I was 17 years old.

  Today after almost 15 years in prison I feel remorse.  Yes it took me a long time.  Maturity set in. I started attending self help programs, different situations happened in my life and reading your book at the exact moment of this turning point in my life has been a blessing.  All of this has lead me to seriously think and reflect on all the damage I’ve caused to my victim, his family, his friends, the community, my family and to myself.  By the grace of God today I am a conscious man and every day I am working on being a better person.  I want to remind you that the lost [sic] of your daughter Cassie was not in vain.  Thank you for having the courage to put this great and powerful message together.  I have been sharing your book with my family, friends and inmates.  I wish you peace in your heart and mind…

(Correctional Facility Inmate)