Cassie Bernall Foundation

We’re excited to introduce The Books for Classrooms project, the Cassie Bernall Foundation’s latest venture!

For more than a decade, we have received letters from young people who’ve read and been deeply impacted by Cassie’s story, She Said Yes.  Many of these letters are from students who chose the book for a Language Arts project or whose teachers used the book as part of their curriculum.  The project’s goal is to provide educators with copies of She Said Yes, free of charge, for use in their classrooms.  In addition, we hope to place books in public and private school libraries, youth detention centers, and other places where young people will have access to them.  

So you can see a few bits and pieces of our inspiration for The Books for Classrooms project, we have included excerpts from some of the more powerful letters we’ve received and a teacher’s letter of recommendation.  In addition, we’ve included a letter from an inmate who committed murder in his teens who was deeply moved by Cassie’s story.  By making She Said Yes more accessible to young people, we may be able to change the trajectory of those whose lives are headed down the wrong path.  

If you are an educator or are involved with at-risk youth and would like copies of She Said Yes for use in your classroom or for your library, please send a written request (on your organization's letterhead, including an e-mail contact) to the following address:

The Cassie Bernall Foundation
P.O. Box 270054
Littleton, CO  80127-0001

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